Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vacation Recap: Wednesday - Atlanta, Day 2!

By some gracious miracle of God, I woke up feeling normal on Wednesday. I was soon joined in bed by Cali and Zoe. 
A welcomed sight in the morning.
I love seeing Cali in the morning!
One of my favorite places in the whole country to eat breakfast is in Atlanta: The Flying Biscuit! I am so grateful that I got to thoroughly enjoy this meal. Especially after not eating since Monday. My mom and I shared eggs, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, a biscuit, French toast, grits, and of course, lots of coffee. The food is so delicious. This was the third time I've been to The Flying Biscuit and I wish there was one in Houston (although we have lots of amazing breakfast places). 

Then we went and walked around Turner Stadium. The Braves were not playing while we were in town, but my parents wanted to see the stadium. 
This is a hilarious picture because my mother strongly dislikes the Braves.
My dad. 
We thought this was cute because we're both 31 years old.
Next we went to see the torch and rings from the 1996 Olympics, which were held in Atlanta.

Then we made an impromptu visit to the World of Coca-Cola museum. 
I also got a Coke chapstick, which Cali later ate. Haha. 
After all that, we decided we needed a snack, so we went to the famous Varsity. My mom and I shared a hamburger, fries, and their orange cream drink. I tasted AJ's onion rings and they were pretty much the best ever!

Pretty good.
This was basically watered down orange sherbet. 
AJ and my mom at The Varsity. 
Somehow my dad was persuaded to put on a paper Varsity hat. Haha. 
Next we stopped by the house where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born. 

Then we decided we needed to rest a little bit, so we went back to see Cali and Zoe. 

Cali, getting loved on by Grandpa Stuff
One thing we quickly remembered about Cali is that she is much rowdier than her brother, Henry. Henry is rambunctious when he first greets visitors, but he calms down quickly. For Cali, it took a while to calm down. It was hard to get her to be still for a picture. But she is such a funny character!

We gave the pups treats and toys that we had brought for them. We even brought one of Henry's old toys for Cali to sniff. She quickly destroyed it. Haha. 
Cali took a selfie.
After resting for a bit, it was time to venture back out. We went to Stone Mountain to see this carving. 

Then we stopped by AJ's sister's home to see her new nephew, Cade!

Cade and Aunt AJ!
For dinner, we had some of the best pizza I've ever had from a place called Antico

This is the Capricciosa on the right and the San Gennaro on the left. 
We brought hard cider to enjoy with our pizza. 
For dessert, we tried Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. So good!

This is Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Brambleberry Crisp. 
Finally, we went back to AJ's house and gave her the birthday gifts we had brought with us.

It was a long, fun day!

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