Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vacation Recap: Thursday - Asheville, North Carolina!

Thursday morning we told AJ, Cali, and Zoe good bye and headed to Asheville, North Carolina. 

But first, we made a stop in the scenic town of Clemson, South Carolina to visit AJ's alma mater and so my dad could get a shirt. 
Go Clemson!
I am sorry to report that Wednesday turned out to be my only brief respite from stomach troubles during this week. And I don't think all the delicious, high-fat food I ate on Wednesday was a good idea. Wednesday night I went to bed uncomfortably full. Thursday morning I woke up still uncomfortably full. I would remain so for the next 2 days.

We were supposed to have breakfast with AJ before we left Atlanta, but I didn't feel up to eating. Later, in the car, I tried to eat this delectable sweet potato biscuit from Highland Bakery in Atlanta, but it didn't settle well. No more throwing up, but still lots of tummy troubles. My theory is that when I threw up so much it messed up the balance of my digestive bacteria. Then, when I started eating again, my body wasn't ready to handle all that food. I think that's why you're supposed to eat the BRAT diet after you have a digestive illness - to give your body time to heal and adjust. But, I didn't want to miss out on all the yummy vacation food. So, I soldiered on. 
Sweet Potato Biscuit, how I wish I could eat you now that my stomach is all better. 
At least I felt like drinking coffee again. 
AJ's brother-in-law has recommended this barbecue place in Asheville called 12 Bones. My mom and I shared the pulled pork sandwich, macaroni and cheese, and corn pudding. My dad got an order of ribs with their blueberry chipotle sauce for us to share. And I had lots of Cheerwine! It was all scrumptious (except the macaroni was bland). 

My mom really enjoyed the ribs. Haha. 
So, see? Even though my stomach was not cooperating, I still ATE. It's just that throughout the rest of the day, I paid for it. Lots of gas pains and bloating. No fun at all.

After eating lunch, we walked around Asheville and did a little shopping. 

My dad found this giant iron to pose with. This is funny because I joke about how much he loves ironing. 
I got this pretty turquoise ring. 
And everything kept reminding me of Henry. 
My brother sent this picture of my baby enjoying some plant water. 
We went to the hotel and rested a bit and then went out to dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe. I was very excited to try this place! We had to wait a while for a table, so we listened to some live music in their downtown area.

Mother and me. We had a fun, outdoor table. 
A biscuit and blueberry jam. The South certainly gave me my fill of biscuits!
And grits! These are fried green tomatoes on goat cheese grits. The grits were not as flavorful as I would have hoped. 
For our entree, Mother and I shared the pecan-crusted chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and asparagus. 
Blueberry soda.
Overall, I did not love Asheville as much I thought I might. I was expecting to feel the way I do in Portland, Austin, or even Nashville. But instead, it kind of felt like Boulder to me. Fun, but not a place I would want to live. And like some of the people are trying too hard to be different. I only spent one day there, so I can't really say, but that was just my initial impression. I'd be happy to go back to Asheville on vacation - it was very pretty and the weather was nice and cool!

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