Monday, July 28, 2014

Vacation Recap: Monday - Florida!

Sometime this past spring I decided  I wanted to visit my friend AJ. AJ lives in Atlanta, but she lived in Texas for about 4 years, during which time we were roommates and good friends. I am very happy that AJ and I have stayed in touch and still try to see each other about once a year or so. During the time that we were roommates, AJ and I adopted 2 puppies: Cali is hers and Henry is mine. 

Since 2010 AJ and I have seen each other several times, but it has mostly been AJ flying to Houston, which has meant no Cali. The last time I had seen Cali was in 2011, when AJ drove to Houston so that Cali and Henry could reunite. That was 3 years ago, so it was high time for a Cali visit. 

My parents are also very close to AJ (and Cali), so I asked them if they would be interested in making a little road trip to Atlanta to see AJ and Cali. My family has always been one for road trips, so not only did my parents say yes, but they also decided to turn it into a quick tour of the South. Instead of driving straight to Atlanta and straight back to Houston, we meandered our way through several states and made a vacation out of it. 

Yes, I went on a road trip with my parents. We get a long very well. 

This week I am going to recap each day of the vacation. First up, Florida!

Monday, we got up around 6:30, with the goal of leaving around 7:30 or 8. But first, doughnuts. Growing up, on our way out of town, for a road trip, my family would always stop for either doughnuts or kolaches. The tradition had to continue. However, instead of eating our doughnuts in the car, we ate them at home, so that we could share them with my brother and sister-in-law who house/dog sat for the week. 

Shipley's are the best and I've always loved the red or pink iced. 
Later, in the car, I had a mid morning snack of a leftover chocolate iced cake doughnut.
Along with a McDonald's latte. Only the best road food. 
For lunch, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. I got a kid's meal, so I wouldn't get too full. I wanted fried chicken strips, but they said they were all out. So, I got grilled and they were really delicious! I would definitely recommend them. With macaroni and cheese. 

I love perusing the Cracker Barrel gift shop before or after I eat. My dad detest this, but my mom and I can easily talk him into letting us look for a few minutes. And I always have to get candy. These were 2 little pieces, like Valentine's candies.

It was a long drive to Florida. We stopped at a Hardee's (aka Carl's Jr.) for Diet Cokes. Exciting.

Finally we arrived in Fort Walton Beach, FLORIDA! After checking into our hotel, we made a beeline for the beach. I had never seen the beautiful white(ish) sands of this part of Florida. It was gorgeous and made me jealous. I love Galveston, but it does not compare.

My mom wanted her picture with these seagulls. Haha.
My cute parents. 
Cute me. Just kidding.
My Snapchat, from Florida. :)
After walking on the beach, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant called Floyd's that was on the beach.
We shared fried pickles. 
I had a shrimp po-boy (without the bread) and some sort of frozen drink called a Jamaican Me Crazy. 
If I could do things over again, we would not have eaten at Floyd's... (Is that foreboding? It should be.).

Meanwhile, on the home front, my brother and sister-in-law reported that the pets were up to some weird antics. We've had Sadie for about 13 years and she has never, ever acted afraid of a thunderstorm. Apparently, that has changed. 

My sister-in-law sent us these pictures of Sadie climbing into her suitcase because she was scared during a storm. So weird, out of character, and kind of funny. Although it worried us as well. 

Henry gave her a reassuring sniff.
I guess she felt safer in there?!?

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