Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday: Gratefulness

My life is truly very wonderful. Amid the various struggles and stresses, sometimes I have to stop and realize how truly good my life is. And I don't say that in a gloating manner; it's just something I've (for some reason) been given and I am grateful. 

Being a Texan and even more importantly, a Houstonian, the blessed status of my life is most clearly seen in the delicious food I get to eat on a daily basis. I try to remember, every time I eat a meal or snack, that there are so many hungry people, even in my own city. 

Sometimes in the morning, while I'm getting ready for work, I lament having to take time to wash and slice an apple, but I've been thinking recently that it's actually a privilege. To have food, good food, and the means to prepare and it and consume it. It's almost a sacred act - the provision, the preparation, the nourishment, the taste, enjoying a meal with friends. 

Anyway, this was a good week, one in which I truly noticed and marveled at the creamy nut butters, buttery hamburgers, and comforting sweets I was privileged to eat. 

Pink Lady apple with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips.
Leftover Italian green beans. 
Harvest Cheddar Sunchips and a peanut butter and cherry preserves sandwich. 
Veggie fajitas, cilantro rice, and black beans at Pappasito's.
Hamburger and fries at Petrol Station.
Veggie pasta, green peas, butter, and lemon juice with a glass of pinot grigio. 
Laredo burger and side salad with balsamic vinaigrette at Cedar Creek. 
Leftover Mexican food (cheese enchilada, Spanish rice, and refried beans) from Lopez and Italian green beans. 
Coffee with coconut milk creamer, a mini Butterfinger, and a Hershey's milk chocolate nugget with almonds and toffee bits (the best!). 
A mini Hershey Krackel and Nestle Crunch. 
Coffee with coconut milk creamer and a mini cow tail!
Carrot cake ice cream in a waffle cone from Fat Cat Creamery. 
Homemade brownie (from a mix!) and vanilla ice cream. 
Margarita from Little Dipper. 
Guava Margarita from Pastry War. 
Cocktail from Bad News Bar. 

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