Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap: Goodbye Students and Eddie!

This is maybe my least favorite time of year. I work at a university and the end of the school year means no more students. But the last few days of finals left me with these memorable sights...
Those are beloved Toms that were turned into "sandals" (and worn with socks). 

Friday night the Honors College held their 3rd annual commencement ceremony. It's always bittersweet to see those kids graduate. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.

On Saturday I drove up to College Station to visit a dog named Eddie. And my brother and sister-in-law, I guess. Ha, just kidding, I was happy to see them too!
I was trying to take a picture of this ladybug for my mom. Who knew my car was so reflective??


He's just a pup! With an amazing under bite!
Saturday night my friend Kristen and I went out for dinner and drinks. I am very grateful for her friendship and how much we always laugh together!

Trying the margaritas at Little Dipper. 

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