Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Recap: Happy Easter!!!

Happy, Happy Easter!!! My Easter Weekend started off with brunch with my closest girlfriends.
The table, set and ready for a delicious brunch. I love all the colors .

The pretty fruit.

My plate of deliciousness. 

Then we had an impromptu, silly photo shoot. 

The look on Ashley's face cracks me up as she fell off the back of the couch. 
Later I baked a cake with my nephew, Johann. 

On Easter Sunday the pups and I took pictures in our Easter best. 

Well, this is how the pups are always dressed....always in their best fur coats. :)

With my mom after church. 

My wonderful parents after church.

We had brunch with some extended family and the only picture I took was of my food. Ha!
'Twas a lovely Easter Weekend! Looking forward to the next 5 weeks of celebrating! :)

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