Wednesday, August 21, 2013

some things are just meant to be

I read a blog called Positively Present and the author recently did a post about 29 things she accomplished in the year before her 30th birthday.

Number 17 was... 17. Quit my RedBull habit. I managed to stop drinking them for a few months, but I can't lie: I'm back at it. And I love it. Maybe some habits aren't meant to be broken...

While I can't relate to her love for RedBull, I can relate to her attempt to stop a "bad habit", only to fall back into it. And blissfully so.

This summer one of my goals was to quit drinking coffee. Actually, it began in the spring and I was successful! For about a month. I did a slow taper from multiple cups per day to two, to one, to half-caff, and finally to green tea. I tried to go straight from half-caff to nothing, but that did NOT go so well. I developed migraines that were only eased by the green tea. Intense. But eventually I even got off the green tea. Success!

But I was lonely and missed my good friend, coffee. And to top it all off, I was still anxious - the whole reason I stopped drinking coffee in the first place!

I was still trying to stick to my self discipline when temptation came in such a perfect form. I recently took over a new position at my workplace and the administrative assistant who sat at my desk before me left an almost full box of k-cups in a drawer. With a Keurig coffee is so easy! Just pop the little cup in the machine, press a button, and a few minutes later you have an irresistible cup of coffee. (Actually Keurigs aren't my favorite, but they're so easy! Like the Hot Pockets of the coffee world).

I caved. I decided to have just one cup of forbidden coffee and then.... I felt FANTASTIC! On top of the world! Happy, calmer, and like something that was missing had returned. It was then that I started thinking about drinking coffee again. I didn't really want to become addicted again, since I worked so hard to get off coffee, but I realized how much I had really missed it.

Two weeks later, I have been having one cup of coffee per day, suffering no ill effects, and loving it. Sometimes I'm tempted to have a second cup during the day and I might eventually give in, but for now I'm sticking to one and seeing how it goes.

Coffee and me. Some things are just meant to be.

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