Thursday, April 11, 2013

Faith in the Mundane

So, I think this might be the best thing that I've ever realized in life: most of it is mundane. I read things or hear sermons or have a great conversation and then I think "this is it!". As though now life will begin and flow and everything will feel meaningful and purposeful and driven by passion. 

And then the toilet needs to be cleaned. And the AT&T bill hits my inbox. And my friends and I can't decide where to go to dinner. And I ate one too many donuts and now feel kind of gross and sluggish. And the alarm goes off in the morning, punishing me for staying up too late to watch just one more episode. So not passionate. 

Right now I have an idea brewing in my head and heart. It's been percolating for years, but it kept getting clogged by a lack of enthusiasm. Recently the idea has been jolted back to life again and this time, I know. 

I know some days I'm not going to feel like I care. Some days I'm just going to want to eat Cheetos and watch Mad Men. Some days I'm going to be too busy to even think about it. Some days I'm going to be discouraged because no one's replying to my emails and I overfilled the muffin cups, making mutant, stuck together muffins. Some days I'm going to think I'm crazy and delusional for ever dreaming anything. Some days I'm going to wish I had just taken a normal path and gotten a normal job and led a normal life, instead of this crazy, seemingly aimless, always wonderfully surprising path I've inadvertently chosen for myself.

My whole life changed for the better when I realized faith is truly discovered, tested, and revealed in the mundane. Anyone can have hope when something exciting is occurring. But what about when you're scrubbing lasagna remnants from a 9 x 13" pan? Or stopping to get gas for your car? Or waiting for someone to text you? 

Plus, trusting God in the mundane puts the exciting moments into perspective for me. He is good and my companion when I am running errands, worshiping in church, having lunch with a friend, or taking out the trash. And He will be when I'm traveling across Europe, opening my own bakery, getting a new job, or on my wedding day. 

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