Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An interview with my favorite person. Me.

I stole this from a friend on LiveJournal. Yes, I just admitted I still use LJ. 

Do you remember these things from high school? They started off in emails. I remember those days....before even MySpace. Heck, I remember before the Internet. Yes. I do. Not before it was invented, I suppose, but before it was in every household and before it was a necessity to life for sure. 

I always loved these little questionnaires because a) it's like being interviewed b) I'm a nerd and c) I'm clearly, painfully obsessed with myself. This one's short. Humor me. 

1. What was your biggest trip/vacation of 2011?
Well, I moved from Portland, Oregon to Houston, Texas in May. My dad and I drove with a u-haul attached to my tiny Corolla (that came unhinged in the middle of Wyoming :). 

2. What kind of cookies do you like to bake?
Umm, any & all! I adore baking! I have the Nestle Toll House recipe memorized. But I like to make little twists to it, like changing the amount of brown/white sugar, using almond extract instead of vanilla, using different kind of nuts (try sliced almonds!), and using different kinds of chocolate chips or M&Ms. 

3. What color is your prettiest pair of shoes?
Purple or I recently bought some gold and silver sequined slippers. 

4. What kind of humor makes you laugh the hardest?
Absurdity. The Colbert Report. Imagining people I know in real life doing ridiculous things. Sarcasm. Wit. 

5. Are you oldest, middle, or youngest? Or only?

6. Would you rather write really well or sing really well? (Or do you think you already do both?)
Write. For sure. 

7. What's your favorite kind of candy?
Anything chocolate. Things with coconut or toffee are favorites. I also like Skittles and gummi, sour things a lot. 

8. What's your Christmas wish?
I don't think I have a wish just related to Christmas...I just want to enjoy this holiday season with my friends and family. Aww. 

9. What's the funniest blog you read?
I read lots of blogs, but none of them are particularly funny. I should probably change that. The Pioneer Woman makes me laugh sometimes. So does Cookies & Cups.

10. Did you hang any Christmas lights in your home this year?
No. I have a little Christmas tree, but I didn't put any lights on it. I think I will next year. I love Christmas lights...both inside and out! But I most likely won't ever put lights on the outside of my house...unless I have a manly-man (or just a regular man...or let's be honest, even just a roommate) to help me. I'm not all that good with things that go on in the outdoors. Like yard work. 

11. Do you listen to audiobooks? What's the last one you finished?
No, but it sounds kind of fun. Many, many years ago I listened to Captivating in the car while driving to Corpus Christi. Nothing since then.  

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