Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

The past week was a blitz of Christmas activities and a quick trip to Portland, but somehow I only managed to take the following pictures. I can't tell you exactly what compels me to take a photograph, but it's apparently random....and little strange. Here you go....

While shopping for an HBU shirt in the HBU bookstore, I came across this lone donkey in an HBU shirt. What. the. heck?. HBU's mascot is a husky. Why on earth was there ONE little DONKEY decked out in an HBU shirt?! Absurdities like this make me very happy. I bought it.

On Saturday, December 18, I flew to Portland, Oregon. They've been having an unusually dry December and that Saturday was gorgeous with clear, blue skies. The first thing I saw when I stepped off the (tiny) plane was a clear view of Mount Hood. Beautiful! The rest of my days in Portland were gray and cloudy, but it never really rained. I kind of wish it had.

My first stop, after picking up my rental car, in Portland was IKEA. Then I went to Petsmart where I found this adorable pit bull luggage tag! Which I bought. For myself. I'm much better at Christmas shopping for myself than I am for others.

I spent 3 nights in Portland, 2 of those nights were with Erin! And Leonard! Since I moved from Portland Erin and her boyfriend, Chris, moved into a new apartment in North Portland and got a dog (Leonard). Their apartment was so nice, it was so gracious of them to let me stay with them, and I had so much fun!

After church on Sunday, I came out to my rental car and found that I was parked behind an SUV with a TEXAS license plate! This excited me. Who goes all the way to Oregon only to be excited about seeing a license plate from the state they live in?!

At my favorite thrift store, Village Merchants, I found this fur purse. Of course I did. I had been eyeing one at JC Penny in Houston that cost $40. This one cost $8! Gosh, I love that thrift store!

On my last morning in Portland I ate a pumpkin bagel with cinnamon cream cheese and Stumptown coffee, while observing cool Portland people, do cool Portland things on their Macs. 

I also went shopping on NW 23rd and found this hotdog necklace. No, I didn't buy it. I'm not spending $22 on a hotdog necklace. But I did buy 4 sequined scarves (to give as gifts), an Eiffel Tower key chain, and a new collar for Henry.

My flight back home was crazy and annoying. When we landed in Houston one guy asked the flight attendant, "where do we get our luggage?". She looked at him like he was an alien and responded, "At baggage claim". That's just one example of the lou-lous that were on that plane.

My flight got into Houston at 12:45 am on Wednesday, December 21. That night we celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family and I made this veggie lasagna. I adapted it from this recipe.

At Powell's Bookstore in Portland I bought Henry's sister, Cali, this natural, organic, cotton-filled toy that was made to look like a stick. Before I had a chance to pack it up and send it to Georgia, Henry found it, chewed on it, ripped the tag off, and got it muddy. Merry Christmas, Cali!

My Christmas present wrapping theme this year was lime green and silver.

I received a gift on my dad's side of the family in this cat bag. At first glance I thought it was a lion dressed like Santa. Later I realized it was just a regular cat with a Santa hat on, but I loved it nonetheless.

Greg (my cousin's husband) gave me said gift in said cat bag. Here he's modeling one of the sequined scarves I bought in Portland.

My cousin Denise's baby, James.

I made these cinnamon rolls for Christmas Eve brunch. I made these for the first time in 2008 I think and now they've kind of become a tradition. I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe and they're really not that difficult to make. And they are honestly the best cinnamon rolls I've ever eaten. I half the recipe.

Henry receiving his Christmas gift.

Henry's favorite part of Christmas was playing in all the wrapping paper and with all the boxes. It brought my heart such joy to see him so happy.

Here's a close up of the collar I got Henry in Portland. It made from recycled neck ties and he looks sooo handsome in it!

Henry, modeling a scarf I received from my brother and sister-in-law. Isn't he dashing?

This collection of pictures in no way truly represents my Christmas, but it is what it is. 

Merry Christmas!

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