Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 was such a refreshing year for me. So much fun! Just some highlights...


I said "see you later" (not "good bye") to this man and Houston as I returned to Portland.

Upon returning to Portland I discovered a mouse had literally made himself at home in my room (not a good day). I promptly moved to this tiny apartment in NW Portland.

Erin and I had a fondue picnic in my new place.


There were some gorgeous, winter days in Portland and I enjoyed walking around and exploring the Alphabet District.

I finished a few decorating projects in my new home.

It snowed!


I had so much fun participating in an Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt with some MU coworkers.

My mom came to visit and we did lots of fun things, like visit the blustery Oregon coast.

Beautiful spring plants started coming to life in Portland.


I drove up this insanely steep hill, lined with homes... housesit and take care of this dog.
Some Houston friends came to visit Portland and Seattle and while they were in town I found out I had gotten the job at HBU!


I had my last "Biscuit Clink" at MU...

...with these great people.

I said "see you later" (not "goodbye") to my wonderful friend, Erin...

...and to Portland, Oregon.

I went on a long, adventurous road trip back to Houston with my dad (this is snow in Wyoming).

The great pit bull (and roommate) reunion of 2011 occurred.


I got use to hazy, HOT, summer days in Houston.

I got more adjusted to my job at HBU and started loving it. Especially with perks live visiting a real artist's studio.

I obsessively made desserts centered around stone fruits.

I went to a fun music festival where I almost died of heat stroke.


I grew more and more accustomed to this sight (Houston traffic).

Had a memorable time with these people.

Saw Band of Horses in Dallas.

Loved hanging out with these people in Fort Worth.


Celebrated my brother's birthday with Rainbows.

Switched jobs at HBU to the Honors College!

Painted with Paula.

Went to the beach with Johann.


Had a fun night with Ashley, Paula, and this pizza.

Honors College events, like this lecture, started keeping me busier.

Went to see Foster the People.

Joined a running club and met Kristen (that's her leg).

Took a weekend trip to Austin with Ashley and discovered the perfection of Magnolia Cafe!


Went to a PBJ concert.

Got use to dealing with this (I love it).

Moved into my own apartment.

Played tug with this handsome man.

Won tickets to a filming of Austin City Limits and saw Fleet Foxes!

Saw Death Cab in concert.

Saw Avett Brothers in concert.

Celebrated my birthday.


HBU Homecoming!

Ran my first 5K ever!

Went to Chicago for the first time!

Took a little trip to Milwaukee by myself (from Chicago).

Ran in the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!


AJ came to visit for a couple of days.

Visited my second home, Portland.

Celebrated Christmas with my family and this man.

2011 was a great year! I loved it! Moving back to Texas was a huge, wonderful surprise and I'm so glad I did. I've fallen in love all over again with my favorite city ever, Houston, and I am extremely grateful for the family and friends in my life. Looking forward to 2012. <3

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