Friday, June 10, 2011

C is for Community

The thought that is on my mind is: Community. What a Christian-culture-word-of-the-moment. But I've discovered it's one of the things that our hearts really, really, really, really want. A group of people who know us, and we know them, and we can be honest with them, and we have fun with them.

Getting to know people is not easy. It takes time and perseverance, and unselfishness, and a willingness to endure awkwardness.

Being honest is not easy. And I don't just mean not lying. I mean being open and vulnerable. It requires caring about truth more than you care about your pride. Most of us wear pride like a suit of armor. We think it protects us, but it destroys us and any chance we have of authentic peace and joy.

I have discovered a wealth of freedom and joy in being open and vulnerable.

More than anything I think good relationships require perseverance. It's easy to give up. Move on. Build walls. Self protect. Stay comfortable.

But the good part of life. The part that makes life worth living. The part that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning are the relationships. The community. The unity. And fun. And honesty. And openness. And vulnerablitiy. And comfort. And security. And history.

I say all this as I embark on my attempts to form more community in Houston, in this stage of my life. I have my family, my extended family, and my old friends, which are all wonderful. But I want to commit to a community of believers. I've never been good at this. In the past year God has shown me some of the benefits and beauty of good Christian community in Portland. I am praying the things I've learned will help me persevere in this new season, to pursue relationships and give of myself for the benefit of not just myself, but the unity of the a group as a whole.

Where have you found community? What parts of your community do you really enjoy?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mel,
Thanks for sharing. I have found community. It took about 6 months after I moved back to Houston. Another thing I've learned about community is that it can be easy to slip out of community. For lots of different reasons at times I've pulled away. For me, I think it definitely takes work even after I felt I was in community. -Ashley