Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Year Later

A year ago yesterday I arrived in Portland with the intention of living here for one year and then moving back to Houston. Well, it's a year later....and here I am. In Portland. I feel as though I should have some profound reflections about living in Portland for a year (well for 9 months), but I don't really... Instead I have some bullet points. For what they're worth...

  • Today is a GORGEOUS, sunny, beautiful, wonderful day in Portland. Which really makes up for yesterday (and the past 6 weeks) which were gray, dark, dreary, cold, and wet. 
  • I'm at Palio and the guy who looks like my brother is working; for some reason I find that very comforting. That's probably weird. 
  • I still have my Texas license and license plates. And my expired Texas tags. I don't know what will finally motivate me to change that stuff. A citation maybe? Yeah, probably. 
  • In one year, I've lived in SE, NE, and NW Portland, I've lived in 5 different homes and I've had 2 jobs. 
  • I've only had Internet in 2 of those places. 
  • My coffee consumption has doubled if not tripled. 
  • I miss Texas. 
  • I adore Portland. 
  • My heart aches for Henry.
  • I still miss AJ. 
  • I love Erin, Chelsea, and my job. 
  • I'm writing a book chronicling the last year of my life and how God has used it to change me; it will probably be more therapeutic to me than it will be beneficial to anyone else. 
  • Today I was walking around Reed College and 2 guys were ranting about the poor grammar that is apparently rampant in our society. Well, one of them was ranting, the other one was just listening and agreeing. I hope the ranting one never reads my blog... I say things like "pairs of glasses" all the time!
  • Trader Joe's makes my life complete. Their tea tree oil facial cleanser, organic frozen pizzas, cheap wine, and macaroons are why I live in Portland. I'm not kidding 
  • It seems like there are other reasons I live in Portland, but now I can remember what they are...
  • I joined Twitter...and now I feel like I'm friends with several celebrities. 
  • I can't wait for Spring and Summer! 
  • Portland has only made my love for 50's and 60's decor much, much worse. Thank you thrift stores. 
  • If I see one more hipster I'm going to punch someone. Just kidding. :)
I guess I could wrap everything up in pretty much one (posssibly run-on) sentence: When I came to Portland one year ago my heart was fragile, frantic, terrified, insecure; now, a year later, completely due to the Lord and all in Christ's Power, you're talking to a woman who's heart is secure, strong, calm, and full of hope & joy. 

Before I moved to Portland I decided that On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand would be my theme song and it's so true! When I got here I was for sure standing on a foundation of sinking sand, but He has without a doubt become my Solid Rock and for that I am eternally grateful!


A.J. said...

i love you and miss you roommate. i vividly remember that day 1 year ago.

Paul said...

I'm so glad for what God has done in your life the past year and that my Portland twin is comforting you. Haha. :)