Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 6: My Day

I will tell you about yesterday.

I woke up around 8 am and got ready for a job interview! Left the house around 9, stopped at a gas station to get coffee and DayQuil because I have a terrible cold (great, right before the interview!), listened to worship music and talked to my mom on the phone.

Went in for the interview at 9:45 because they told me to get there 15 minutes early. They ended up not calling me in for the interview until 10:30! But that was ok because it didn't really feel that long and they were really nice and I read the university newspaper while I was waiting and found out about some good coffee shops I need to try. The interview lasted for about an hour and the people interviewing me were really fun and nice. One of them was from Texas and one of them is the father of the lady I live with. I felt really good about the interview, I think it went well. 

After the interview I talked to AJ on the phone and drove to Erin's house. As soon as I got to Erin's we went to Salem, Oregon. In Salem we stopped at Erin's boyfriend's house, then Erin went to try on her bridesmaid dress, and we ate lunch at a really cute little place. After that Erin drove me around Salem to show me where she grew up and then we went to her mom's house to hang out. I fell asleep on her mom's couch while were watching Oprah because I felt so sick. Her mom got home and made us breakfast food - waffles, potatoes, and turkey bacon - so good. Erin's mom also gave me a Sudafed and let me take a hot bath at her house; she even had sweats and a t-shirt for me to change into. I was SO grateful. 

Then Erin and I headed back to Portland and watched Dexter when we got home. We finished season 2 and started season 3.

Today has not been nearly as eventful because I feel really sick :( Trying to take it extra easy in hopes that I will feel like myself again SOON.

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