Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lovely Times in Lubbock

This weekend my cousin Michael got married in Lubbock, Texas. Being the good cousin that I am (and having an abundance of free time at the moment) I decided to accompany my parents to the wedding. Although Lubbock and Houston are in the same state, Lubbock is about 10 hours away from Houston - it was quite a journey! Oh, Texas...

On the way we stopped at one of our family's MOST favorite places - Common Grounds in Waco, Texas! I love Common Grounds, it kind of reminds me of something in Portland, and of course I love anything that reminds me of Portland. At CG we met up with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Mike.

And had some delicious coffee. I always get the "Milky Way".

Then we all stopped for lunch at Babe's in Burleson, near Fort Worth. I enjoyed going to Babe's many times while I lived in Fort Worth and was in grad school.

At Babe's Aunt Linda was a little enamored with the roosters....

During the car ride I had a spiritual moment while observing the clouds. It just kind of struck me how absurd clouds are. Some things in nature just make me think, God must exist, there's no other explanation. I was in awe. Like I said, it was a long car ride.

Finally we arrived in Lubbock and our hotel was ready for us. Almost everyone at and in the wedding was staying at the same hotel, which was fun, we all got to eat continental breakfast together each morning.

The rehearsal dinner was so fun. Look at this cute little candy jar filled with personalized M&M's featuring the bride and groom's faces and in the wedding colors. Whoa.

My mama and I at the rehearsal dinner.

My dad and uncle getting cuddly and being goofy.

Baby Anna Grace, my cousin Julie's daughter.

Yes, those are THREE empty wine glasses. I'm not saying they were all mine...

Saturday during the day we explored Lubbock. Here I am with a GIANT pair of glasses at the Buddy Holly museum (we didn't actually go in the museum). So appropriate.

That night, at the wedding, I lit a candle at the Catholic church and really appreciated this little prayer.

My cousin Michael and his wife Katie.

Anna was dressed up for the wedding.

The table decorations at the reception.

They met at Texas Tech.

Aww, that reminds me of my grandparents.

On the way back to Houston we stopped in Dublin, Texas and I got my picture with a giant can of Dr. Pepper. Yes!
All in all it was a really fun weekend, a really nice wedding, and great time with family. Congratulations Katie & Michael Cast!

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