Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Best Friend's Birthday

Last Wednesday was AJ's birthday. Happy Birthday AJ! She had to work late on the actual day, but we still celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes for lunch, and cheesecake and presents when she got home that night. It was really fun!

I made a strawberry white chocolate chip cheesecake, which was really pretty, but I wasn't too impressed with the taste - which was kinda disappointing. However, I also came down with a cold that day and it might have affected my taste-buds(?!). 

 The night after AJ's birthday, my family took her out to Benihana's to celebrate. I had never been to a Japanese steakhouse before - it was really fun and good!

I really enjoy celebrating birthdays!

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Msheepers said...

I like Benihana's too. It's such a neat show to watch!