Friday, June 19, 2009

Yellowstone Academy

After many weeks of searching and praying...I have a job! And it was actually the only job interview I went on!

I will be an instructional aide at Yellowstone Academy. Yellowstone is a private, Christian school that ministers to children and their families in Houston's third ward. The third ward is a historically very poor area of Houston, full of generational poverty. 

In the last year the subject of poverty, and especially children growing up in poverty, has been fascinating to me. I've read some of Ruby Payne's stuff and in the spring I worked at an inner-city middle school in Fort Worth. I really feel passionately that Jesus intends for middle and upper class Americans to help those in need, in our own country and cities! We have so much, so many resources, not just financial, but relational, spiritual, etc. Having so much, I feel disgusted with myself if I don't at least pour some of it our for someone else. 

I am really excited about working at Yellowstone. When I interviewed for the job they told me there was one position left, but they didn't tell me with what grade level it would be. When they called me today to offer me the position I found out I will be with kindergartners! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I love that age group and I've wanted to work with them for years now. I've always thought that if I was a teacher I would want to teach kindergarten or first grade. At Yellowstone I will start out with a class of kindergartners and I will stay with them through the first grade!!! It's more beneficial for kids if they have the same teachers for more than one year.

I just feel so blessed. Not only did I find a job (with health benefits! I haven't had health insurance or been to the doctor in almost 2 years!), but I found a job working in a Christian environment, in a ministry, serving the city I love, and working with kindergarten. I am SO excited!

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