Saturday, January 31, 2009

Current Obsession: Cheese

I kind of go through these phases, where I obsess over one thing. It's usually some kind of food. Past obsessions have been different kinds of oranges, banana peppers, and feta cheese (well, that will always be an obsession). Most recently I was a little obsessed with "healthy" hot chocolate. I was making and drinking it on a sometimes twice daily basis.

My most recent obsession is cheese. But not just any cheese, a very specific cheese: Target brand, natural white, extra sharp cheddar cheese.

It's so good, that now I frantically look for it every time I go grocery shopping at Target. I could eat it by itself, or on crackers, but my favorite way to eat it, is with apples. I've never really liked cheese with apples, but I LOVE this cheese with apples. Very complimentary.

You should check and see if your Target carries this delicious cheese, and if they don't, you should request it. Unless you don't like cheese...and in that case, I just feel sorry for you. I'm kidding, but it really it good.

OK, I'm going to stop talking about cheese now.

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