Thursday, December 4, 2008


I've been thinking about men a lot lately. Not in the boy-crazy way, but in the "what makes a man a good man?" way. I've been asking myself that question a lot. I've been observing in men, qualities that I find admirable....and qualities that I do not find as admirable.

I think being either gender is probably difficult, because life in general is not the easiest thing in the world. But being a man, no, being a good man seems like it takes guts. And for parents, raising a boy into a good man, also seems like a task for the strong willed and determined.

I'm not one to tout strict gender roles, in fact, I've had my share of quasi-feminists moments since I've been in seminary. But when you meet a good man, I think something inside you instinctively knows it. And likes it.

A man who is confident, but not arrogant.
A man who has a vision for his future and pursues it.
A man who has a sense of humor, but is not immature.
A man who respects women, but also knows how to take care of them (and this means all women, not just ones he's romantically interested in).
A man who knows how to show tenderness to children, but also how to discipline them with love.
A man who has faith in Christ and is not afraid to confidently and calmly talk about it.
A man who has his convictions, but is not angry all the time.
A man who loves dogs (this is a personal one for me).

Those are just some of the qualities I've taken note of in men that I admire. Proverbs 18:22 says that a man who finds a good wife, has found something good, but I think that a woman who finds a good man in her husband, father, brother, colleague, or friend has also found something tremendously good. Men can bless women (and other men for that matter) just by being good men.

I pray that God is at work in the lives of men in this country, in this world, and especially in those who claim the Christian faith - calling them to be men that will bless others. And I pray that women will realize, respect, and rejoice in the good men we have in our lives.

Now, I seriously have to finish up my last school work assignments ever.

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