Friday, November 21, 2008

The Day that Everything Broke

Yesterday was not a good day to be made of glass/pottery in the Stuff-Jordan household. It started when I was unpacking a box in my room. I have a glass cow figurine from the parade of cows things that came through Texas a while back. Mine is decorated with Texas yellow roses. It's really pretty. Yesterday, when I unwrapped it, I realized it had been a victim of the move. One of its little hooves had broken off. I was a little sad, but I thought - oh well, I'll just superglue it. So, I put it on the kitchen table to remind me to buy superglue and fix it.

That night 2 of our friends came over to make us dinner - which was SO WONDERFUL and SO FUN. However, while they were at our house....there were more accidents. They volunteered to make our plates for us and while we were in the living room and they were in the kitchen making our plates, we heard lots of laughter. Later, after we had finished eating, they started laughing again, and one of them admitted that he had broken 2 more of the legs off the cow figurine. So now the cow has one leg. Haha.

Then, after dinner, AJ and the other guy were doing the dishes when he dropped one of the dessert plates and it cracked completely in two. We threw that away.

The final assault was not realized until this morning. When I went out our back door this morning I noticed that a piece of one of my planters was broken off and placed inside the planter. The planter had also been put on a lower step. I texted AJ about it and she said she didn't know anything about it... All we can figure is that one of them must have knocked it over. Either that or someone else was on our steps during the night and broke the planter....which is a much scarier scenario.

So, now we have a growing list of things to superglue. I'm not upset at all. It's just stuff. I actually think it's really funny.

In honor, of my now one-legged cow:

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