Monday, August 25, 2008

Stapler. Update. =I

Remember the new stapler that my boss so sweetly bought me to replace my missing one? Well, it's a piece of junk. Did I even mention that I saw the receipt for the new stapler and it cost $1.99? Shockingly, my dollar bin stapler is sub-par. About every third staple or so the staple gets stuck and I have to use pliers to remove it. Pliers! Therefore, what would normally take me about 5 minutes (stapling a stack of papers, like I am this morning), is now taking about 15 minutes.

It really bothers me that someone must have stolen my stapler! Of all things! It was just a simple, black, metal, trusty stapler. I want to know who took it or where it is. If our office building had a bulletin board I would pin up a MISSING STAPLER flyer. I might even offer a reward (not really).

So, the stapler saga continues. Oh, life in an office!

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Anonymous said...

This may be one of those cases where it makes sense to just buy your own and label it.