Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The O-lympics, Kolaches, the Outlet Mall, and School

Like everyone else in the world, I've been watching the Olympics. This has been a very good Olympics, in my opinion, especially where gymnastics is concerned. With the women's team gold, the men's team bronze, Nastia's all-around gold, Nastia's and Shawn's medals in floor exercise, Johnathan's silver in high bar, and now Shawn's gold on beam it feels like it's been a very satisfying Olympic experience for the Americans. Even with all the scoring controversies and possibly-underage-Chinese-girls. I've been proud of the US team!

On the local news they featured a lady whose son is on the US track team and she said, "that's my baby, in the O-lympics!" It made me laugh and smile - he's a 20-something, huge, track star, but he's still her baby. :)

Yesterday was one of my last and only days of true summer freedom, so AJ and I went to the outlet mall in Hillsboro, outside of Waco. Yeah, it wasn't exactly a thriving outlet mall - nothing like the one in San Marcos. But it was really fun nonetheless, and I got 2 new pairs of Nine West shoes, 2 pairs of Nike shorts, 1 sweater from the Gap, and some icing decorating tips. Not bad! I was excited. We also stopped in West, outside of Waco, and got kolaches! So good!

Yes, school officially starts tomorrow. It's my last semester and I'll be taking Abnormal Psychology, Great Themes of the Old Testament, The Counselor as a Professional, and Elective Piano (private lessons :). I'm not too excited about any of these classes, but they don't look that bad either and it will be nice to be taking 10 hours instead of my usual 12. counseling! For the first time in a year, I won't have any clients. This makes me happy. December 12 is graduation day - and as much as I can't wait for that day, I really want to enjoy this semester and finish strong as far as my school work goes. I have a lot of fun activities planned for this fall and I think that will make the school part and studying easier. Hopefully...

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Emily said...

Hey Melanie. Thanks for the comment of my food blog. Your question is a great one and my answer is to either freeze all but a few of what make, or give it away when you go visit friends, or neighbors. My friend lets her husband take stuff to work all the time to get rid of it. I'm sure they LOVE her. When I make a batch of cookies, we usually eat the one or two that we want, and freeze the rest. That keeps us from grabbing them so easily. I have also learned to really scale recipes down to smaller batches to not have so many leftovers. But it's always nice to have something in the freezer ready to go when you might need it. Have fun baking.