Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! My mom is such a sweet, fun, thoughtful, caring, and genuine woman. She loves the Lord and her family with every ounce of her heart. We celebrated her birthday on our vacation to Colorado, but I hope that on today, her actual birthday, she has a wonderful day!!!

Speaking of birthdays, this weekend I made a birthday cake for AJ. This past Christmas my parents gave AJ a cookbook full of recipes using chocolate chips. This is the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake and it was so fun to make. AJ and I already tried some yesterday and we've invited some friends over tonight to help us eat the rest (hopefully, I don't want it sitting in our house much longer!).


Last night AJ and I found an amazing deal on Priceline for airline tickets and a hotel in San Francisco. We'll be staying in the Holiday Inn on Fisherman's Wharf for a whole week after graduation. It's so exciting to actually have the dates, flight, and hotel picked out! It makes me realize we're really going! Now we just have to plan what fun things we want to do while we're there. We already have a list going and I've started reading a very detailed San Francisco travel guide.

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