Friday, June 27, 2008


What a week! I am so tired. AJ had a vbs-type thing with her church this week, so she didn't get home every night until about 10:30 or later (last night it was midnight). Yet, for some reason we decided that this week was a good week to stay up late every night watching movies/TV and play games.

Monday I had my normal work schedule. After work, around 6 in the evening, I decided to try running outside. It didn't feel that hot outside, it felt closer to 90 than 100, and that's kind of cooler for summer in Texas. I was so wrong though, it was incredibly hot and by the time I got through running I felt like I was going to throw up and my face looked like I was going to pass out. When I got home I had to console myself with (low-fat) ice cream. Late that night AJ I finished season 2 of 24.

Tuesday I had my first real client at my internship site. The session went well, but the client was different from any type of client I've ever had. I felt a little overwhelmed and definitely challenged. My internship will end in early August, so I'm definitely going to have to do brief therapy with this client. I scheduled another client for next Tuesday and if I can get these 2 clients to be consistent that would be great - then I'd actually have 2 clients. That night I went to dinner with a friend who I knew at HBU and is now in seminary too, it was a lot of fun. Late that night AJ and I watched Dan in Real Life.

Wednesday morning I felt like something that had been run over. It was physically painful to get out of bed. I had a presentation in my internship class and that evening I went running in a near storm and then talked to a good friend on the phone. I miss my friends in Houston so much. Late that night AJ and I played Scrabble...which is not that easy when you're sleep deprived.

Thursday I was on-call with my internship site (to answer crisis calls/go to the hospital) from 6 am-noon, but thankfully I didn't get any calls. I was supposed to have lunch with a friend that day, but she had to cancel. That afternoon and evening my boss was hosting a party at Joe T. Garcia's restaurant and I got to help out with that. I got free Mexican food, drinks, and wedding cake and I was pretty nicely compensated for my time - not a bad deal at all :)

Today I went to my normal Friday morning staff meeting at my internship site only to find out that there was no meeting. All the counseling staff had gone to a conference and no one had told me. I felt kind of stupid and I was sad because I wanted to sleep in soo badly this morning and I made myself get up for that stupid meeting! Oh well. Now I'm at work. Tonight I'm going to some kind of Celtic concert at Central Market. Sounds fun.

What makes me really tired is the thought that a week very similar to this is just going to repeat itself next week. I'm trying so hard to make the most of every moment and have a bright & sunny outlook, but that makes me tired too. I just need a break.

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