Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Confession: I don't want to study

As far as church goes, I'm an Episcopalian. I attempt to do morning prayer and evening prayer every day (I'm often unsuccessful in this attempt) and on Friday I'm supposed to do confession. Or at least confession is included in morning prayer. 

In that spirit, I'm going to start "confessing" something on this blog, every Friday. I won't be confessing any real sins (I'm not that crazy), but instead I'll confess things that I'm slightly embarrassed about, but think it would be good to admit. 

We'll see how it goes....

My first public confession is this: I hate studying. Learning, I love. Studying, I hate. And I seem to have less patience for it the longer I am out of school. 

Why do I need to study if I'm out of school?

Well, right now I am acutely aware of my dislike for studying because I am preparing to take a national exam. I have a book I'm supposed to be studying and I have CD's I'm supposed to be listening to in the car. The problem is, both the book and CD's put me to sleep. Which is especially dangerous when I'm driving.

I have a self-imposed rule that while I'm in my car I can only listen to the CD's. No music or NPR. Only informational, educational, study CD's. 

Kill me now. 

I have now found that I will look for ANY excuse to not listen to those CD's. I'll pray, tell myself I need silence, tell myself I have to catch up on current events (NPR), tell myself I'm too tired to absorb the information anyway (music), tell myself the drive is too short, or even talk on the phone (I don't enjoy talking on the phone that much). 

I have less than a month to go until the test, so I should just buckle down and study as much as possible. But everyday is a struggle. 

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