Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things I Liked in January

Oh, January, the freshest month of the year, full of hope and expectations. January also kind of feels like a hangover after the holiday season. In the sobering light of January 1, all the decadence of the previous month seems kind of ridiculous and embarrassing. I ate cookies for breakfast?! I love the holidays, but I also love the quiet calm of January and the return to normal life routines.

My Fitness Pal
Apparently lots of people already knew about this, but in late December I discovered this free app and I started using it faithfully in January. Throughout my life I've gone through phases where I've logged my daily food intake. Partly for health reasons and partly because I'm weird like that and love logging data. Regardless, Fitness Pal is amazing! So easy to use on your computer or mobile and so helpful. I'm not really using it for any specific purpose (like trying to lose weight), but more just to be aware of how many calories I'm actually eating and what those calories are comprised of (fat, carbs, protein, etc.). I really like it!

The Millennium Series (and a mild Swedish obsession)
I actually started reading these books in late November/early December, but in January I finished the series. I'm not normally a partaker in trends. Everyone's doing that? Then, no thanks. But for some reason I've escaped my personality for a bit and really enjoyed The Millennium Series (as well as Hunger Games, but that's another story...). I really can't be blamed for reading this pop-fiction as I was talked into it by people whom I admire and think of as intelligent. :) We even had a "Swedish Day".

My Fur Purse
OK, I know I said I don't really do trends, but let me contradict myself once again. Fur is/was in this fall/winter and I decided I wanted a fur purse. I found one at JCPenny that I wanted, but it was $40 and I was hesitant to spend that much on a trendy item. Then I went to Portland in December and found one for $8!!! At Village Merchants. OF. COURSE. Gosh, I love that place. I wish I could go there once a month....or at least once a season, just to stock up on insanely cheap, cool items that make me extremely happy. I get so much more joy out of carrying an $8 furry purse than I ever would from one that cost 40!
These aren't my actual bowls, but mine are very similar, with an amber hue
These Bowls
For Christmas my brother and sister-in-law gave me these cute bowls. I like them because they remind me of little bowls we had when I was a kid and my mom would make chocolate pudding in them. I remember thinking that was such a thrill. I also like them because they are perfect for portion control or sauces. They help me not OD on trail mix. :)
This is so blurry, but I love the expression on his face.
This Dog
Wait, he's my VERY favorite thing EVERY month.

Catholic Answers Live
I like to listen to podcast while I walk or run (ok, normally, walk). I downloaded a Catholic Answers podcast out of sheer curiosity. What do Catholic people say about their faith?! I was very pleasantly surprised. I don't know what I was expecting, but I found very godly advice and encouragement for real life issues. I really believe that people who love Jesus all have the same heart, regardless of what they call themselves.

Overnight Oats!
This has become a borderline obsession. I had been reading about overnight oats for months, but they never sounded good. For some reason, one day, I decided to just try it. The first few bowls were a little rocky, but fairly quickly I learned how I like them. I personally like to mix my oats and almond milk the night before. Then in the morning I add yogurt, fruit, nuts and maybe a little honey. And I don't mix it up because I'm funny about texture. The possibilities are endless for fruit/nut/honey/nut butter combinations! This breakfast is honestly making me excited to get up every morning. And the best part is, for the first time in my life breakfast is keeping me full all day! I've always been a person who is more hungry in the first half of the day and normally I'm starving an hour or so after breakfast. Not with overnight oats! I actually have to talk myself into eating lunch - and only then, something light like a salad or smoothie.

January, you were a good month, starting 2012 off on a solid note. But this is only the start, let's make 2012 better every month. :)

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