Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Curvy Girls

I've been browsing blogs lately that showcase "curvy girls". They're fabulous. But one thing I've been noticing is that some of them (not most) talk about being curvy as though it is a liability. They use girl power language, but if you look at the root of what is being said, it's negative. Saying, "I may have curves, but I'm still beautiful" is akin to saying, "Curves are not desirable, but I'm making them look good". How about, "I'm beautiful because I am. Not because of (or in spite of) what size I wear. Regardless of whether I'm naturally a size 2, 16, or 24, I'm beautiful, intelligent, and lots of fun to be with."?

A few of the best blogs I've found:

Curve Appeal
Curvy is the New Black (warning, this one's rated R...in an artsy way)

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