Thursday, October 13, 2011

I walked from the ashes, with just a few scratches, my crucifix warm on my neck

In the past 6 days I have been in 2 car accidents. Both of which resulted in absolutely no damage to myself or my vehicle.

Accident #1: Last Friday, on my way to meet my friend Ashley, for our pilgrimage to the Fleet Foxes recording on Austin City Limits I was stopped at a red light in the Galleria area when I felt the unpleasant jolt of being hit from behind. The impact wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either and I was fully expecting to find my bumper damaged. To be honest, my first thought was I don't have time for this! I have to get to Austin!. Forget my! To my surprise and relief my car was completely unharmed, except for maybe a white mark (but that could have already been there?). The offending car was a white BMW sports car, driven by a college-age-looking girl who shrugged her shoulders and exclaimed, "I'm soooooo sorry, I haven't driven this car in like 2 years!!". As if I cared about that. I was a tiny bit shaken up by this experience, but my mind was quickly distracted by Ashley, our trip to Austin, and Fleet Foxes!

Accident #2: Last night I was on my way to Memorial Park to meet with my running group. I was at a yield turn (yielding....) when I had this weird premonition that I was about to be hit....a split second later....I felt that awful feeling for the second time in 6 days. This time it felt much worse and I thought for sure that my car would have to go to the shop for repairs. The guy in the car behind me motioned to turn into the parking lot beside us. I was really upset and almost crying because I just knew my car was messed up (and I was thinking who gets hit twice in one week?!), but mostly I was concerned about:

a) not being late to my running group
b) being able to drive to Dallas on Friday

I got out of my car, prepared to see the damage, and I couldn't believe my eyes: my car was fine. Nothing. Not a scratch. The other guy's car (which was some sort of sedan)? His grill was shattered and his license plate was bent.

How could his car be so damaged and mine not? He hit the trailer hitch on my car! Which, that trailer hitch was attached to my car on Sunday so that I could pull a trailer and move into my new apartment. Because of the weather I ended up postponing my move, but left the hitch on my car since I'll be using it on Saturday anyway. The hitch is not normally on my car, it just happened to be this week. I really think that hitch saved my car! And the guy who hit me said he was afraid I was going to roll out into traffic!

I was so relieved and grateful that I almost started crying again...but this time tears of happiness. And then I went and ran!

I feel kind of weird and blessed that I was hit twice, but was so unaffected. Like I'm bullet proof or something. Just kidding, not really.

But here is the star of the show: the hitch!


Ashley said...

A second time..... CRAZINESS! I'm SO glad your car is OK. Funny thing... the other night after the DCFC show when I was driving behind you on the freeway I noticed the hitch and just assumed it had been there for a while & I had just never noticed it. Thank goodness for the hitch... and God's protection of course. What a simple, but big reminder of HIS faithfulness, Mel!

singingsinglev4 said...

Must be something about October, but people drive crazy during that time. Also during April. That's the wonderful thing about the LORD, He Protects. I am glad He protected you, twice.