Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello 1960-something

When I got my job in the Honors College at HBU, one of the first things I did was go through everything and reorganize/clean out. During that process I found 5 magazines from the 1960's (mostly Life and the Post)!!!! If you know me well, you know I have a deep, glamorized love for all things 1960's. Therefore, I was very excited to find these magazines and couldn't wait to go through them. Below are some of the treasures I found...

All the magazines were from the time of President Kennedy's assassination.

The white fringe in the bottom left-hand corner is Henry's tail.
 A couple of years ago I was in disbelief when I heard that there was a recipe for a "mock apple pie" that used Ritz crackers as the filling. I thought why would anyone do that?! Apple are delicious, cheap, and easy to use. Why on earth would you substitute processed crackers for apples???. But here we are: proof. Recipe and all.  If you're intrigued, you can make your family a mock apple pie this holiday season. Mmmm, let's pie even more unhealthy! :)

 Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving" like a Budweiser with your turkey dinner...

Isn't this the truth? I always feels most female when I'm wearing itchy, annoying, nylon stockings. 

This just makes me laugh. For the well-endowed (in the rear end!) man in your life...

Hot Dr. Pepper! Sounds gross, but is so kitschy cool.

My mom received luggage like this (in baby blue) for her high school graduation and my family seriously used it for our vacations until around 2005...

Apparently spray painting decorations was cool in the 60's too. 

A cracker that taste like a meatball?! What was wrong with people back then?

What a delicious looking frozen pizza and what a fun looking party. Look at that saxophone!

Kind of sad that we still don't have low-cost, mass-transit to the moon. 

I really kind of want to take this coupon to the store and try to use it on a box of corn flakes. There's no expiration date...and it's a whole 7 cents. 

If only this was still the ideal for a woman in a much more realistic and natural. 

 I absolutely love this picture of JFK walking on the beach. Supposedly it was his favorite picture of himself. I kind of what to frame it.

Wassail make with Schlitz beer = Merry Christmas.

The only thing that makes skiing more fun is smoking cigarettes while skiing...

Please notice the caption under the picture of the middle-aged guy. 

Electric toothbrushes were popular in the 60's? That makes me feel like their current popularity is less impressive. 

This one might be my favorite. Could anything sound worse than ribs in a can??

This was funny because ALL of the car advertisements featured the longest cars I have ever seen in my life. Ridiculously long cars. The people in the 60's would have fainted at the sight of a smart car. 

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