Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Weekends with Fun Friends

Since moving back to Houston one of the things I've been most grateful for is my wonderful Texas friends. Here is a collection of pictures from the summer, commemorating the fun times I've had with them.

Free Press Summer Fest with Ashley. Love the Houston skyline in the background.
Fun in downtown Houston with Ashley, Amie, and Justin.

Almost weekly dinners with Ashley & Paula at our favorite suburban hangouts. 
At the Band of Horses concert with Amie and Ashley. 
BOH Concert in Dallas. 

Fun in downtown Dallas after the concert. 

Fort Worth Water Gardens with Kendra, Amie, and Scott. 
Amie, Ashley, Bessie Ann, and Kendra. 
Painting at Minute Maid Park with Paula. 
Fun Friday night at Boheme. 

I have no idea what I'm looking at in this picture...spacey. 
At one point we bought a disgusting pizza from a random guy walking by.

Paula's feelings about the pizza. 

Tiny Boxwood's with Amie and Ashley. 

Pictures in the car...

Talking in the car before the Foster the People concert. 
Is she dancing?
At House of Blues before the concert. 
Paula's birthday dinner. Ashley's man-repelling vest. 
Austin, Texas!
Dinner at Frank's in Austin. 

My first time at Magnolia Cafe. 

The most delicious breakfast: gingerbread pancakes, queso omelet, coffee, and a grapefruit bellini. 

In a gift shop. 
Canoeing in Zilker Park (!!!). 
The BEST juice I've ever had at JuiceLand in Austin! This one was called the Rosy Cheek.

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