Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I Liked in April

My friend and coworker, Gina, asked me to house/pet sit for her while she went out of town. That included the joyous task of caring for her German Shepherd Dakota and 2 kitties - Shasta and Meesha.

Lemon Drops by Sherman
OK, I think this was techinally in March, but I'm sure I would enjoy them in April as well. When I worked at a restaurant Sherman was one of the bartenders and he use to make the best lemon drops. Seriously, no one else's lemon drops were as good as Sherman's. They were so good and they didn't even feel like you were drinking alcohol...which can be a problem. My friend Erin and I went back to the old restaurant (even though neither one of us works there anymore) one night for dinner and I was lucky enough to get a lemon drop made by Sherman! Haha. I hadn't had one since last Spring and I seriously thought I'd never have one again, so it was a nice surprise.

Easter Cookies
These were probably techinally in March as well, but lets not be nit-picky, ok? These were delicios, go here for the recipe.

This picture of a pit bull puppy in a bassinet
I have a monthly calendar on my desk at work of pit bull puppies. Yes, I do. And the pit puppy of the month was this little cutey in a mauve colored baby bassinet. This cracked me up, it's so absurd. A pit bull, of all breeds, in a basket for a baby!

Crazy-pretty plants in Portland
I know I'm always talking about the plants in Oregon and really I'm a fan of pretty plants anywhere, but nature in Portland is just astounding. I've just never seen plants like the ones I've seen in Oregon. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm in a fairytale or an alternate universe, there are things that I just can't believe they really exist. God's creative mind is mind-boggling. Like this plant, the flower remind me of very pretty fabric or like an embellishment you would see on a wedding dress. How gracious of Him to let us live with things this beautiful!

An impromptu trip to Bend, Oregon
So, one Saturday in April I randomly and impulsively decided to drive to Bend, Oregon. The fact that the only picture I have is one of bath salts I bought should tell you something. All I did was walk around and browse in shops. :)

Friends coming to visit!
In late April my friends Amie, Ashley, and Justin came to Portland. I met Amie at HBU and we've been friends for 9 years this coming fall. Ashley I met at seminary and I met Justin for the first time on this trip. However, they're all originally from Houston! We had fun in Portland, Seattle, and on the Oregon coast. The weather the entire weekend was amazing, astounding, gorgeous! Maybe the prettiest weather I've ever seen in the Northwest. I kept telling my friends, "This is NOT normal!". This was such a fun weekend! Pictures on facebook.

A NEW Job...!
In April I interviewed and was hired for a new job! in Houston! Yep, in April, I found out I would be moving back to Texas! This was exciting and emotional as I have loved working at Multnomah and will miss my coworkers very, very much.

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Anonymous said...

I made your list! I made your list! It was so fun hanging out with you in Portland & getting a glimpse of your second home (Houston will always be home!). I was telling Paula today how you, A, & J are great people to travel with! See you soon! ~Ashley