Friday, March 18, 2011

My mom came to visit me!

Like I said in my previous post, my mom came to visit me last weekend and I took lots of pictures! Most of them are of food (don't judge us!). This will just be a picture post (with captions)...
One of my goals before my mom came was to finish painting these canvases (they were black when I got them...for free!).

And I DO!

After getting our hair and brows done at Dosha.

Pit Bull Magnets that look like my 2 favorite pits!

an entire stairway of purses

Lunch @ McMenamins

Ruby beer

Truffles from Moonstruck Chocolates.

They even had tails :)

Getting ready for the Multnomah banquet.
At the banquet.

A blurry view of our table.

Us at the banquet.

Our banquet dinner :)

My mom being a good donor :)


Sunday morning breakfast.

Thanks nice Besaw's server.

Besaw's kitchen.

Coffee in Cannon Beach, OR.

Well, not just coffee, specifically "French Kiss Lattes".

This was like a beautiful little village of shops.
It looks like we're about to drive into the Pacific Ocean.

I took a lot of pictures of the OR coast because I just thought it was so beautiful, even in miserable, cold rain.

Haystock Rock.

I look awful in this picture, BUT the wind was blowing so hard and it was, I'll take it.

My mom had a crappy, $3 umbrella that was pretty much worthless (this picture was taken in Seaside, OR).

In Cannon Beach we ate crab cakes.
From this place.

After we ate the skies cleared up for a few moments, so we took some more pictures. Beautiful!

Daffodils are blooming everywhere in Portland, it seems.

Monday morning breakfast of kolaches & coffee from this cute place on Belmont, that is owned by HOUSTONIANS!

I love it!

Pretty lattes from Stumptown.

My favorite thrift store. Half the stuff in my apartment came from here.

A new skirt, new shirt, and funny magnet. I have a thing for funny cat stuff.

My mom bought me this ring. I like it because it reminds me to hope extravagantly.
Monday lunch at The Observatory.

At an antique mall in SE Portland. See, even in Oregon, you shouldn't mess with Texas.

My grandmother had canisters like these!

Say hello to my new purse.

Say hello to the biggest crouton you've ever seen; I had to cut it into 4 bites! We had appetizers and dessert at Papa Haydn's, but I forgot to take pictures of the desserts :( and went back later to take pictures of the outside of the restaurant. But it was so fun.

Tuesday morning breakfast at Pine State Biscuits.

Splitting the Reggie.

Apple buttttttttter!

Baby cupcakes at Saint.

Decorating my apartment. I've wanted to frame these old recipes from my grandmother for years & years.

"Pies Men Like" - I adore this one!
Rose pictures in my bathroom. I took these in Portland back in 2006, my first trip to the City of Roses.

Flower hooks near my front door.

Pies Men Like above my kitchen table.

Marshmallow Roll and "Cookies that make themselves".

Lattes and reading at Palio.

"Tex-Mex" in Portland.

Galveston? Really?

Margaritas and chips & salsa. I was desperate for the food of my native land. Ha.

This is not a taco. This is a barbeque sandwich in a tortilla, but it was still tasty.
Overall, an amazingly fun 4 days with my mother! Just what I needed!


Paul said...

Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! :)

Uncle Mike said...

Very cool! Your Aunt is GREEN with envy. She wants to visit you in Portland, bad. Can she take the dog?