Thursday, December 23, 2010


I am about to tell you a story, a story of redemption!

When I was a very young child I had a Monchichi book that I LOVED for my parents to read to me. I also had a stuffed Monchichi that sucked its thumb. At some point my mom donated my stuffed Monchichi to charity because she thought I didn't like it anymore. I was devastated and twenty-something years later I still long for my Monchichi.

Tonight my family celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family and my cousin's husband, Doug, and I were reminiscing about childhood toys and how they are becoming retro-cool. We mentioned Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, GI Joe, and then Doug brought up Monchichi. I got really excited and told Doug my Monchichi story and about how much I loved and missed him. Then Doug told me something that really excited me: he said that he had recently seen stuffed Monchichis for sale at Target. Immediately I called my mom over and told her that we needed to go to Target and get a Monchichi. She didn't seem that impressed, but said ok that we could go look for them.

A few minutes later, in the middle of the family Christmas, my mom came up, obviously hiding something behind her back and said that she had an early Christmas surprise for me.... It was a miniature stuffed Monchichi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! He has on a little blue bandana and he's really cute. It was SO weird that Doug and I just happened to start talking about Monchichi and then my mom already had one for me!

I know it's ridiculous to be so excited about a kid's toy, but it just has so many fond memories for me and I've seriously wanted that doll back for over 20 years. The Monchichi in my life has been redeemed!

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Rachel said...

I think that's hilarious! I used to have a Monchichi book too, I remember it very well!