Friday, August 13, 2010

90's (and a few 80's) Toys!

This summer one of the projects my mom and I embarked on was cleaning out my parents' attic. Which was FULL of toys and memorabilia from my childhood. Lots of this stuff I probably hadn't seen in more than a decade, but boy did it bring back memories! I had a great childhood and here are some of the souvenirs... Do they spark any memories for you?

Popples! I got this Popple for my 4th birthday and I LOVED it! I still remember the Popples theme song (p-p-p-p-p-popples, yeah-yeah-yeah...).
Scuttle from The Little Mermaid. I'm pretty sure this was a McDonald's toy and I had all the characters; they were my favorite bath time toys.

BARBIES! For sure my favorite childhood toy, but for some reason I had a thing for chopping all their hair off...
My anatomically-correct-in-the-chest-area Dolly Parton Barbie from Dollywood in Tennessee. Is it weird for a child to have this?
Henry enjoys snacking on Barbies.

Rescue Rangers! This was my favorite cartoon in 1st grade. I loved the "Disney Afternoon" on Channel 39 in Houston.
Ninja Turtles! This Leonardo was my brother's, but I enjoyed playing NT with him and watched the movies and cartoons with him.
Darkwing Duck (missing his hat) - definitely one of my brother's favorites.
Trolls! This one's hair is all matted and its sign cracks me up. Remember the ones with jewels in their bellies and you were supposed to make a wish on them?
My Little Pony! I got this one when I was 4, at my mother's baby shower for my brother, and it use to have wings. I named her Rosebud. So appropriate.

My FIRST purse! For those of you who know me well, this is a profound moment. I got this purse when I was a toddler and I'm pretty sure I've loved purses ever since. I would rather have a new purse than any kind of clothing. Seriously.

My SHOE PURSE! I'm not sure if this was a trend or just a weird idea in a shop near my house, but I loved my shoe purse and all the cool girls in my 1st grade class had one.
I was a proud Girl Scout kindergarten through 3rd grade. I quit in 4th grade, before it got lame, but those were some good times in Troop 1283.
New Kids on the Block! From nightgowns to posters to lunch boxes, I was a sucker for NKOTB merchandising and they were my first concert in 2nd grade.
The New Kids Ken-dolls. That's Donnie, Joe, and Jon for those who don't know. Sorry they're in the buff, I honestly don't know what happened to their clothes... I do know what happened to Donnie's head - my childhood dog, Jack, did a little brain surgery.
The Berenstain Bears and Care Bears! I loved reading.
Reading Goosebumps and watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? was so cool when I was in about 4th grade.
Apparently I have always loved to bake, even when the cake was made of plastic.
Cabbage Patch Kids! I got this one for my 2nd birthday...which means that she is almost 26 years old....sheesh! She does look a little rough...
Magic Nursery Babies - these were only out for a short time I think - it was where you didn't know if it was a boy or girl until you unwrapped it, took its hat off, and put its diaper in a bowl of warm water - then the diaper would disintegrate and you were left with a little card that said, "it's a boy/girl!". You also got to see if your baby had an innie or an outie belly button and what color their eyes were. Mine was a blonde haired, blue-eyed girl that I named Allison. I wonder if my parents rigged that...
My Child Dolls - I got this for my 5th birthday and I wanted it BAD. I think they were supposed to have realistic feeling, soft skin. Kind of creepy.
Henry had a fantastic time with all these stuffed animals! It was probably like going to an amusement park or Christmas Day and his birthday all rolled into one.
He finally selected a gray stuffed cat that I received as a birthday present once. Her name was "Peaches" and Henry has been ferociously shaking her around the house for weeks. He has a thing for cats. Pure joy.
Last but not least, my mom and I went through boxes of my brother's and my school work that my mom had been holding on to all these years. We threw 99.9% of it away (that is, we recycled it), but not before my little man got to enjoy it. If there's one thing Henry likes better than stuffed animals, it's paper products! Nothing satisfies him like ripping up as many paper products as he can! Surrounded by mounds and mounds of old, musty paper, he was a happy man.

Don't miss the 2 glowing eyes in the window in this last picture - that would be Olivia, the crazy, feral cat. Oh, life.

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Amanda Stuff said...

I laugh every time I think about Paul naming Barbies "Halloween" and "Crispy" haha!