Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some of my favorite products

I've always been more of a beauty products person than a clothes person (although I love shoes and bags/purses). I could wear the same black sundress almost everyday and be fine with it. I don't like to have to worry about my clothes. But I LOVE beauty products - make-up, lotions, hair products, you name it - it thrills me! I have no idea why. It's weird how different people are wired different ways...

Anyway, my love for health and beauty products has led me to not really have any brand loyalty. I love to try new things! For instance, when I buy mascara, foundation, or shampoo I always try a different brand and a different type. I rarely buy something twice.

However, I have found a body lotion that has won my loyalty. I have really sensitive skin, especially when it comes to hair removal. Shaving my legs has always been a painful, bloody experience for me. My legs just don't like to be shaved. But I'm a product of our culture and so of course, I shave my legs. Pretty much as soon as I get out of the shower I have to put lotion on my freshly shaved legs. Problem is, most of the time the lotion stings so badly! It's terrible! Finally, I have found a lotion that doesn't sting, makes my skin feel so soft and smooth, and smells great. It's Bath & Body Works Triple Moisture Body CREAM in Warm Vanilla Sugar. I love it!
Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub. This face wash has also won my undying love. My friend Erin introduced me to it and I love the way it exfoliates and smoothes my face without irritating or drying it out. I try to use this once a day (morning or night) and something else to wash my face the other time.
The rest of this stuff is just stuff that I currently like....not necessarily stuff that I'm going to be loyal to....

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleaner for Normal to Oily Skin. I really like this face wash. It makes my skin feel really clean, but not dry. When I'm not using the Clean & Clear. :)
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Orchid and Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner. I love the way this stuff smells for summer. Heavenly!
Clinique High Lengths Mascara. This came in a Clinique gift (the spring one) and it has the strangest mascara wand I've ever seen. Strange or not, it makes for very dramatic lashes. I don't think I really like it for a daily basis, but it's kind of neat for night time or a special event.
Chester's Cheese Puffcorn. Ha, this isn't a health or beauty product, but I love it. I discovered these while I was living in Portland and we're talking brand and product loyalty for sure! It's a like a delicious, miraculous cross between puffy Cheetos and cheesy popcorn. Best. snack. ever.

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