Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fun in Fort Worth

I had a really fun weekend in Fort Worth! ...and, no, it didn't involve any longhorns....I just like that picture. And Fort Worth is "Cow Town".

I left on Friday, around lunch time, so that I could get to Fort Worth in time for my friend Michelle's wedding. In 2005 I went on a mission trip to China with Michelle and since then we've stayed in touch and hung out kind of a lot when I lived in Fort Worth, where she's from. I arrived in Fort Worth a couple hours before the wedding. Just enough time to buy a gift and change into my dress for the wedding. I decided to go to the shopping center on University Drive because I could 1) get iced tea (and thumbprint cookies) from McKinley's, 2) change clothes at Barnes and Noble, and 3) get them a gift at Williams and Sonoma, one of the places they were registered. I ended up getting them a gift card because anything that I could have afforded at W&S would have looked lame.

The wedding was at an Episcopal church in downtown FW and it was so pretty. It seemed like it was an authentic Episcopalian ceremony, which was very interesting as I had never been to one before. Michelle's new husband is an Episcopal minister, so I would think he would want to go all out. The reception was at the country club. I was kind of nervous about going to the reception because I didn't know anyone at the wedding and I didn't want to seem like a creep, sitting at the reception by myself, but I also didn't want to miss out on free food and wedding cake :) I love receptions! I think they're kind of the reward for going to the wedding and buying a gift. Right? But as soon as I pulled into a parking space at the country club, my friend Loree (also from the mission trip) pulled in right beside me. It was fate! We both didn't know anyone at the wedding, so we got to go to the reception together. It was so much fun!

Friday night I stayed with my amazing friends Amie and Kendra - I've known them since my first year at HBU - almost 8 years! Amie was at a concert Friday night, but Kendra and I talked for probably about an hour before going to bed. It was so nice to talk to Kendra because she and I can relate to each other in some of our life circumstances (looking for a job, etc.). Amie came home late and I got to say hi to her and then went to sleep.

Saturday morning, us three girls went to breakfast with our friend Scott at one of my favorite breakfast places. Scott is another HBU/grad school friend. After breakfast the 4 of us spent the afternoon at the pool and drinking mimosas. I didn't put on any sunscreen...and then for some reason was surprised when my chest and shoulders were bright red that night. Scott kind of got in a fight with some guys at the pool. A big group of people came in and took up the whole pool playing volleyball, which was kind of ok, but then the ball kept hitting us and it was really annoying. Scott made a polite comment to the people and some of the guys got really defensive. I was proud of Scott for standing up for us.

Saturday night Amie, Kendra, and I got stuff from Central Market to grill and then we went to the house where Amie was dog sitting, made dinner, and watched a movie. Well, we kind of watched a movie, but it was dumb, so we watched some TV. Everyone was really tired from being out in the sun all day and we went to sleep kind of early. Saturday was such a relaxing day!

This morning I woke up and got ready to go to The Village Church. I had not been there since they moved into their new facility. It was still crazy-crowded. I was glad that Matt spoke and of course the message was amazing. Matt's ministry at The Village is really one of the best things on earth I believe. Words cannot express how much I have gained spiritually from The Village. I adore it.

After church I made the long trek back to Houston. It was a great weekend!

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