Friday, February 12, 2010

The Case of the Missing Driver's License

Well, today marks my 3rd week in Portland. There have been many highs and a few lows (ok, many lows). Overall, I have been having a great much better than I thought my first few weeks would be - that's for sure!

I still don't have Internet at my house yet, and for an unemployed person I somehow stay pretty busy...? So for time's sake, here's a bulleted list of highlights. Plus, I like lists. I'm trying to hurry before this coffee shop closes.
  • I went to an Imago small group, where I met a girl from Waco, Texas and we tried Portland Tex-Mex food and it wasn't too bad! (I want to do a separate blog about this)
  • I went to my first Portland mall
  • I went to a "going away" party for one of Erin's co-workers. (I know, who do I know that's going away in Portland?! I know like 4 people). The party was really fun, but also really crazy (if you catch my drift, haha) and I was under the impression that I lost my driver's license! This upset me A LOT! It's my Texas driver's license! One of the last things that connnects me to Texas, that proclaims to everyone I meet - I am not from here! I am from TEXAS! Plus, without it, I was driving illegally. So tonight, one of the reasons I came to Palio was to do some research on either renewing my Texas license or getting an Oregon license. Neither one sounded fun. I was feeling very sad. Suddenly I looked over and somehow had put pink flowers beside me. Weird. But also SO nice. I needed to see those flowers. They brightened my sad mood. And then....THEN I checked my wallet ONE MORE TIME (even though I had checked it multiple times) AND I FOUND MY TEXAS DRIVER'S LICENSE! You do not know how happy I was! I almost cried from relief and joy!
  • My roommates and I discovered that our house might be HAUNTED! I think I've decided not to believe it, but we had ourselves worked up there for a couple of days. Creepy stuff. (Maybe I'll do a separate post about this later...)
  • I was offered a job, but didn't feel right about it and turned it down.
  • I'm sure I'm forgetting so much...
OK, that's it. This list was kind of lame maybe. But like I said, I'm trying to hurry. Life is surprisingly busy in Portland.

If you pray, please pray for me to find a job. I want to come back to Houston eventually, but not just yet. I'd really like to stay here a little longer... Thanks!

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Paul said...

That's cool Mel. What job were you offered before? I excited to hear the administrative assistant one!