Monday, September 7, 2009

Things You Don't See Everyday

I work at an elementary school that is located in inner-city Houston - as in the skyscrapers of downtown Houston are in walking distance. It is a very urban area of town. Not a place that you would expect to encounter livestock.

So, I was really shocked one morning this past week when I turned down Trulley Street in Houston's Third Ward and saw a horse. Yes, a horse. I think I did a triple take and of course I had to take a picture. Evidently someone in the area keeps horses and it looks like this one escaped. He had a big gash on his back leg, so I'm guessing he either hurt himself in the escape or he was abused. As I was gawking at the horse, I saw an HPD officer driving down the street. I'm assuming he got the horse some help because it wasn't there after school. So weird.

For Labor Day weekend I flew to Atlanta to drive back to Houston with one of my friends who had been visiting family for the past couple of weeks. On our drive back we decided to spend Sunday night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (originally we wanted to stay in New Orleans, but that's another story).

This morning we ate breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe - which was delicious! They were understaffed and somehow they lost our order, we had to wait forever, but then they ended up giving us our breakfast for free! We were so excited and hadn't even minded waiting at all. I love it when businesses have great customer service - it's so important and it makes me want to be a loyal customer. If I lived in the Baton Rouge area I would for sure be a loyal patron of Another Broken Egg. They were also nice to my friend's dog and let the dog sit with us in their outside dining. If you live in or pass through Baton Rouge, you should check out Another Broken Egg, they also serve lunch. Their website says they have other locations as well (none in Houston though).

The funny thing was, my friend ordered the pancake - on the menu it said "1 large pancake" and they weren't kidding! This is the biggest pancake I've ever seen. I never thought I'd see bigger pancakes than the ones they serve at the Buffalo Grille, here in Houston, but this one wins for sure. My friend could only manage to eat about a fourth of it. I was so tickled by it!

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