Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Burro Planter

This past weekend I had a THREE day weekend. Pure joy. In celebration of those 3 days off I decided to take a little trip. To San Antonio. To buy a burro planter.

The last time I was in San Antonio was over Spring Break and while there I found a little donkey-shaped planter in the Mexican Market that I have been coveting ever since.

I really couldn't stop thinking about it. I kind of have a thing for animal shaped planters. Weird, I know. But since I couldn't stop thinking about it and wishing that I had bought it, I decided to just go back and get it! Why not?

Now that I live in Houston I am closer to San Antonio than I was when I lived in Fort Worth. There were only 3 short hours between me and my burro planter. So on Sunday morning, my friend AJ and I drove to San Antonio and our first stop was to buy the burro planter. My heart was beating so hard as we walked into the Market...would it still be there?! I had driven 3 hours for this little guy. It would have been crushing if he hadn't been there. BUT he was! There were only 3 left - a tan one with a red basket, and 2 brown ones - 1 with a green and 1 with an orange basket. I chose the one with the green basket.

Here's my friend AJ helping me carry it to the car (it's wrapped in plastic because the lady said it would get chalk all over us). It was heavy! ...and more expensive than I remembered...

After the burro was securely in the backseat of our car, AJ and I went to have a little fun on the San Antonio Riverwalk. We walked, ate ice cream and Mexican food, and just had a really good time. It was so much fun and a great little getaway.

Now the burro is safely at home. I think tomorrow I'm going to go buy some herbs to plant in him. Maybe some basil, rosemary, and I haven't decided what else yet.

That burro planter makes me smile!

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