Sunday, August 9, 2009

Earth Hater

Apparently, I hate the earth. 

About a year or so ago I purchased one of those cloth bags to do my grocery shopping with. It's a really nice one, from Origins. I started out buying only one because I wanted to make sure I was going to like (and I didn't want to spend lots of money all at once on cloth bags). 

Well, I think I've only used it a few times. Pretty much every single time I go to the store I forget my little earth-saving bag. I tried keeping it on my back-door-knob so that I couldn't forget it when I was walking out the door, but I would still forget it. Then I even tried keeping it in my car, but that didn't work either. And when that did work I would forget to put it back in my car after bring my stuff into the house. 

So, today, I was so proud of myself. I ran to Target to get a few things and I brought my bag into the store WITH ME! I was dutifully using my bag as a shopping basket, loading it up with the stuff I wanted to buy. 

When I got to the checkout line I unloaded my stuff onto the conveyor belt and rehearsed in my head how I was going to tell the cashier, "I brought my own bag!". Then what did I do next?

I forgot to tell the cashier about my bag. I stood there, holding my cloth bag, and watched her bag up my stuff in multiple plastic bags. And then I felt really dumb and I didn't want her to see my cloth bag, so I quickly tossed it in my friend's shopping cart. 

I do recycle my plastic grocery bags, so maybe that helps, right? I don't completely hate the earth. 

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Freethinker said...

i find the easiest thing is to have 2 bags and try to keep both in the car. When you forget them when you go into the store, just tell the clerk that you don't want any bags. Stick everything back in your basket and just bag it at your car. You may only fill up one, so if you take it in and forget it, you still have another in the car as a backup.