Friday, July 31, 2009

When it Rains

Since moving back to Houston one of the biggest differences I've noticed between North Texans and Houstonians is their outlook on rain. 

In Houston, in my opinion, it rains somewhat frequently. I haven't actually counted, but I think it's rained at least 5 times this summer, maybe more. But every time it's rained this summer, I have heard multiple people say things to the effect of, "Finally! I forgot what rain looked like! We desperately need this rain!". 


I spent almost 3 years in DFW and it rarely rained in the summer. I mean, I think we could go through the whole summer without seeing a drop (or at least it sure felt that way). And you could see it in the dry, withered grass and the cracked ground. Now when it did rain in the rained. The rain usually chose to fall either in the freezing cold winter or in the spring, with the addition of crazy tornadoes and hail the size of your head. There were several nights in Fort Worth that I don't think I'll ever forget because I was woken up by terrifying storms (and no electricity). 

I personally prefer living in a more rainy climate, it makes everything more green and lush (and humid!). I just think it's funny to see the differences in the regions of Texas. Houstonians expect their rain!

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Msheepers said...

Yeah, I can undertand both perspectives.

In Dallas, a summer drought (not being able to water whenever you like) seems relatively normal.

But in Houston, if often rains a little bit several afternoons a week in the summertime.