Monday, February 16, 2009

Jim & Pam

Recently, my roommate, AJ, and I have been watching old seasons of The Office. One of our co-workers owns all 4 seasons and he has been letting us borrow them. We've been watching them a lot. One night we watched 9 episodes in a row. Ha.

I think everyone loves Jim & Pam, at least I know a lot of girls who love the Jim & Pam story. I've heard a few guys make references to how girls think Jim is good looking and funny. And yeah, he is good looking and he is funny, but as I've been watching episode after episode of The Office I've come to the conclusion that those aren't the main reasons girls like Jim.

In season 2 of The Office, on a couple of different occasions someone asks Jim why he likes Pam. His answers are amazing. He doesn't say, "because she's hot", "because she's beautiful", or "because she has a great body". He says,

"because she's warm"

"because she's easy to talk to"

"because she's funny"

"because I have so much fun with her"

Most girls want to hear a man say "you're beautiful"; some girls go to great lengths in hopes of hearing a man (or many men) say that. Of course, "you're beautiful" is nice to hear, but every woman knows the fragility and temporal nature of beauty.

A woman can't promise she'll always be what you consider beautiful. What if she gets pregnant and gains 40 pounds? What if she's in an accident and becomes disfigured? What if she gets cancer and has to go through chemotherapy? What if just the natural aging process make her wrinklier, saggier, and fatter (it most likely will)?

Tell a woman that she's beautiful, but tell her more frequently that she's fun to be with, that she makes you laugh, that she's smart and clever and witty, that there's no one else you'd rather spend time with. Because even if she gains weight, or has wrinkles, or doesn't look like she did when she was 25, she can still be fun. She can still be smart. She can still crack you up. Those qualities are empowering and encouraging to women because they are not in jeopardy.

I really think that's the reason girls like Jim so much. If they only liked him because he was cute, then they would hate Pam, because she gets Jim. But girls love Pam too. Because Pam is a real girl, that we can relate to, and Jim loves her for who she is.

That's why girls loves Jim and Pam.

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Nicole said...

Those are some excellent points.