Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Honey Creme Anglaise...mmm

So, when I was in Atlanta a couple of weekends ago, we ate at this neat breakfast place, called the Flying Biscuit. While we were there I debated about whether to get the oatmeal pancakes with peach compote or the french toast with raspberry sauce and honey creme angalise. Let me tell you, I was so glad I got the french toast! It was fabulous! The best french toast I've ever had.

Of course, the only bad thing was that this fabulous french toast was in Atlanta, Georgia....and I live in Fort Worth, Texas...

So, me being me, I immediately made plans to recreate this meal whenever I got home. I figured out that it was the honey anglaise that made for the all the fabulous-ness and that it would be a fun challenge to figure out how to make it like the Flying Biscuit.

Later that same day, AJ and I went into a Barnes & Noble when we walked past a recipe book for the Flying Biscuit(!). Sure enough, the honey creme anglaise recipe was in the book! I scribbled it down on a scrap of paper in my purse and made it tonight for dinner!

The Flying Biscuit used really nice, thick wheat bread. I used a demi, whole-wheat french loaf and I made strawberry (instead of raspberry sauce because AJ doesn't like raspberries) by just melting some strawberry jam in the microwave. It was a delicious meal! Pretty much just like the Flying Biscuit! And I was right, it was the honey anglaise that made the difference :)

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Anonymous said...

Next time, just make your fruit sauce by adding some sugar to the fresh fruit. Soft fruit like berries work best. Add a little bit of water. When the mixture starts to bubble, you can use one of the hand mixers (stick blenders) to blend the sauce.