Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kristen & Paul-David

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cooper!

One of my best friends from college, Kristen, was supposed to get married this weekend in Lake Jackson, Texas. Thanks to Hurricane Ike, she and her fiance had to get married last night in a spur of the moment-type ceremony. Now, one of the first things they're doing as a married couple is evacuating from a hurricane! I guess it will make for a funny story later...

I feel so sad for Kristen, as I know every girl looks forward to her wedding day. Although I know this upset her a lot to say the least, she has handled it with a lot of grace and style. She knew the truly important thing was marrying the right man, not having a wedding...although the wedding would have been nice... :( I was her maid of honor and I was so excited, I love weddings.

Please keep everyone who is evacuating from Hurricane Ike in your prayers. My parents (and their 2 pets!) are supposed to be evacuating to my house sometime today. And my stubborn/crazy uncle, who lives in Galveston, is going to ride-out the storm at my parents' house (about a 1/2 hour from Galveston, but still in a coastal area). I think Houstonians are a little leery after going through the Hurricane Rita evacuation that turned out to not hit Houston at all. I would feel better if they were all safe now, and not sorry later.

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msheepers said...

Sorry it ended up that way for them, but like you said, they'll have a GREAT story as they grow older!


Suggest to them to hold a big reception / party for their family and friends to celebrate their marriage [when they get back]. That should help make up for it.