Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Paul!

Today, my little brother turns 21. He's been in Colorado all summer, but he'll be back in Houston this Friday. In honor of his special day, I'm going to list 21 things that I love about my brother.
  1. He has a great sense of humor and can always make me laugh.
  2. He is the best musician (guitar, piano, & composing) that I know.
  3. He also has great taste in music.
  4. He can imitate people really well and can always remember funny lines from movies or TV shows.
  5. He looks good with a beard. haha.
  6. He's a great actor and I always enjoyed watching him in his high school plays.
  7. He loves dogs.
  8. He's a good boyfriend to his girlfriend, Amanda (I raised him right).
  9. He wants to use his musical gifts to worship the Lord and serve others.
  10. He lets me call him "Wallace" even though that's not his name.
  11. One time, when we were kids and it was his turn to make dinner for our family, he made hot dogs wrapped in tortillas and called them "tilly dogs" (well, actually I had to make them, but it was his idea).
  12. I have 21 years of memories with him that absolutely cannot be replaced.
  13. He's really good at filming our family vacations (see the above picture, camera in hand).
  14. He followed in my wise footsteps and decided to go to HBU.
  15. He has a love and compassion for the homeless and is involved in homeless ministries.
  16. He's very open minded and always willing to learn more about something.
  17. I don't have to worry that he's going to do something stupid on his 21st birthday - like try to drink 21 shots in an hour.
  18. He loves Texas.
  19. He likes to make fun of our mother with me (in a very good natured, tease-because-we-love, kind of way).
  20. He's frugal and not materialistic or superficial.
  21. He is a believer and seeks to follow and reflect Christ in his life.
Happy Birthday Brother! I love you!

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